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Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier The Welsh Terrier is known to be one of the oldest breeds in the United Kingdom. With origins from Wales, this breed of Welsh Terrier has a contagious love of life and energy. This dog is full of energy and intelligence and is a fantastic terrier breed, their characteristics have been honed, so […]


Greyhound Greyhounds are one of the oldest dog breeds, originally bred for coursing game and then in more recent decades, for greyhound racing. After retirement from greyhound racing many dogs are adopted and taken into family homes as pets. This gentle and placid create is often found comfortably situated on a bed or a sofa, […]

Dog Sports for Your Dog

Dog Sports For Your Dog (Part 1) Some dogs enjoy being couch potatoes and love bugs more than anything in the world. But, there are other dogs that seem to have a calling in life. They can have hidden talents, or not so hidden talents. Does your dog get a kick out of playing frisbee? […]

Hiring A Professional Handler to Show Your Dog?

Hiring A Professional Handler to Show Your Dog? The American Kennel Club offers about 15,000 dog events each year in the United States. The UK Kennel Club offers around 3,200 events across the United Kingdom. All ‘intact’ KC-registered purebred dogs are eligible to be shown at these KC-sanctioned dog shows. (Intact means that the dog […]