Dog Photoshoot puts Worzel Wooface on the Front Page

dog photoshoot for publications worzel wooface 4

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to have quite a few famous people, one of my favourites, however, has been the Dog Photoshoot for Worzel Wooface.

This stunning Lurcher is a spitting image of my boy Harry, just a beautiful sandy tan colour.

Worzel Wooface is a blogger and author of three, soon to be four books, during our day together we were tasked with creating a library of images for his latest works, Worzel Wooface 4.

Throughout the dog photoshoot we created hundreds of images across four locations, which can be used to paint different stories throughout his latest book.

Finishing the day, with the jumping shot which has made the front cover.

Worzel is still an enormous Lurcher with ‘issues,’ but his issues are now predictable. Now in his fourth year with his forever family, life is changing. As the children grow up and begin to spread their wings, Worzel’s world should be more peaceful. But as life rolls on, a changing of the guard brings new challenges; challenges no-one seems ready to embrace, least of all the cats.

An over-enthusiastic encounter with a fish pond, a blackbird with a death wish, and a new arrival all conspire to ensure that whilst Worzel might be ready for an easy life, his family has other plans.

Mum, long-suffering Dad, five cats and two grown-up children all feature in Worzel’s fourth diary, bringing together poems, letters and advice that Worzel’s beginning to wonder if it’s even worth offering any more.

The eagerly-awaited fourth instalment from Worzel, the literary Lurcher is funny, touching, honest, and very real.

dog photoshoot for Worzel Wooface

Dog Photoshoot for Worzel Wooface

The Societies Photography School and Awards 2018

surrey dog photographer Jamie Morgan

A man, though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, and must unbend his mind.

Each year hundreds of professional photographers make the annual pilgrimage to London for the Societies of Photographers Annual Convention, held at the Hilton Metropole.

The annual event hosts daily classes from 9am to 6pm, covering business, marketing, technical skills, right through to in-depth education on websites, search engine optimisation and other geeky subjects. From headline acts like Sean Conboy speaking about Architectural Photography, Gary Hill delivering classes on Fine Art styled Headshots, through to newer niches this year.

Education is learning what you didn’t even know, you didn’t know.

Two of my good friends were new speakers at this year’s Photography School, each delivering a new Masterclass.  Specialist pet photographer Maria Michael delivered a 2-hour Masterclass on Sunday afternoon to a packed room about her journey into pet photography and the psychology of pets.

Maria and I have traded ideas for marketing and techniques for a few years, since our time together at Crufts; the beauty of the Societies Photography School is there is no hierarchy or aggression, we are all there to learn from each other, to create profitable and sustainable businesses.

Meanwhile, in another classroom, Belinda Buxton delivered her important message with lifesaving potential about knowing the basics of First Aid when running a family photography business.  Saturday night Belinda went on win International Event Photographer of the Year in the Societies Awards.

The graveyard shift of Saturday’s Photography School, went to Richard Bradbury’s business class where he spoke for 2 hours on creating demand and effective marketing for child portraits; there were so many transferrable skills to my business; it was  a superb talk.

I was so glad to be one of the first to get my hand on the copies of his latest books, the business trilogy, Rich Photographer, Poor Photographer. You can find out more about them here: https://richardbradbury.com/rppp/

Master Photographers Association Awards 2017

Master Photographers Association Awards 2017

The event of the photographic year – The Master Photographers Association Awards 2017

Each year hundreds of professional photographers congregate in a hotel in Hinckley in the Midlands for the photographic event of the year, the Master Photographers Association Awards 2017.

The two days host a packed schedule of professional development classes for photographers covering subjects from technical lighting, posing and styling through to marketing and business studies.

Keynote speakers this year ranged from Paul Wilkinson and Deborah Selwood, through to a demonstration running throughout the Sunday, on how five different Fellows of the MPA would tackle photographing the same sitters.

Master Photographers Association Awards 2017

MPA West Midlands Regional Team – Jamie Morgan, Karen Massey and Mike Baker

Highlights of the classes for me included James Musselwhites’ talk on the more than 100 steps he took to achieve Fellowship of the organisation.  Friend and colleague, Belinda Buxton delivered a course I have been championing in the industry over the last year about first aid and basic safety within the family photography studio.

The rotunda of the hotel hosts a busy trade show throughout the day, and turns into a gallery of competition finalists come the Sunday evening, whilst delegates enjoy a champagne reception.

Seven thirty arrives, and the party begins, with the commencement of an annual tradition, since the Association’s inception in 1952, the Master Photographers Association Awards 2017.

Celebrations began with a roll call of all professional photographers achieving a qualification within 2017. I was one of a group of Four Photographers from the same mentoring group presented with my Professional Qualification diploma on the night.

Master Photographers Association Awards 2017 - PTS Group

Master Photographers Association Awards 2017 – Gary Hill Progress To Success Group 2016-17

As the evening progressed, the results of the International Print Competition were announced by Chairman and host for the evening, Ray Lowe.

I was pleased to walk away with a Merit Award for Pet Portraits and a Merit Award for Architecture & Commercial Photography.

Merit Award Winner – Pet Portraits – Master Photographer Association 2017

Merit Award Winner – Architecture & Commercial – Master Photographer Association 2017

Master Photographer Association 2017 - Merit Award - Architectural and Commercial

Master Photographer Association 2017 – Jamie Morgan Merit Award Winner – Architectural and Commercial

Master Photographer Association 2017 - Merit Award - Pet Portraits

Master Photographer Association 2017 – Jamie Morgan Merit Award Winner – Pet Portraits

Learning to judge at the SWPP Judging School

Learning to Judge Professional Photographic Competitions

Learning to Judge Professional Photographic Competitions at the SWPP Judging School

Entering photographic competitions is a really valuable way for professional photographers to master their craft and to gain validation and recognition for their hard work.

Each year the Societies of Photographers host a Judging School, to educate members and prospective judges on that standards and techniques used to judge members images. The Societies hold monthly online competitions and an annual print competition at the January convention.

Hosted at Newcastle Upon Tyne based professional print laboratory, Digitalab, the day of training included a factory tour and sample prints for attendees to demonstate how paper and mount selection can affect competition submissions.

What an awesome day.

The class led by Head of Judging Terrie Jones was well worth the six hour round trip; Terries’ passion for education on judging and raising the standards across the industry ran through as a constant theme for the day.

Today’s all been about learning to judge images in a encouraging, positive and respectful way. Really insightful and builds such respect for our industry judges.

Equally amazing is the passion that goes into work by the absolutely lovely team from Digitalab, a family team that really have a passion for the quality of their products. Looking forward to some new products for the new year, and developing some of the relationships formed today.

Learning to Judge Professional Photographic Competitions

Learning to Judge Professional Photographic Competitions

MPA West Midlands Landscape Photographer of the Year

MPA West Midlands Landscape Photographer of the Year

Becoming a Master Photographer

Surrey Dog Photographer Jamie Morgan with Daniel Adams and Nevina Holland

Staffordshire Search and Rescue

jamie morgan hound dog photography

“Mein Fuhrer wants you to Photograph his Dog.

Hitler and his dog photoshoot.

“Mein Fuhrer wants you to Photograph his Dog.”

If I had been around in the First World War, this could have been the type of conversation I had with a couple of SS guards early one morning.

Stop for a moment and imagine the scene.

Standing in front of you is a man, 5ft 9in tall, dresses in a crisp pressed grey tunic with matching trousers, knee high black patent leather boots glinting in the sunlight. A long drawn face, sporting a fine mustache. Beneath the hair swept across his brow is the cold empty stare of one of the most notable dictators of the 20th Century – Adolf Hilter.

What could easily be described in a scene from a the RSPCA’s worst nightmare, Adolf Hitler was in fact, behind the façade, a great dog lover.

Hitler loved the loyalty and obedience of dogs, and through his lifetime owned a number of different breeds.

The German Shepherd breed became his breed of choice, with the most notable of his family being Blondi, gifted to him by Martin Bormann in 1941. Blondi was to stay by Hilters’ side right through the retreat into the Führerbunker located underneath the garden of the Reich Chancellery on 16 January 1945.

Hitler’s affection for his beloved Blondi extended to allowing her to sleep in the bed beside him in the bunker. The love of German Shepherd’s however didn’t reach his wife Eva Braun, who is known to have two Scottish Terriers, named Negus and Stasi.

It seems that like most men, the dog was the love of his life, Eva is known to have been jealous of the attention Hitler devoted to her and it alleged to kick her beneath the dining table.

german shepherd dog

Dog’s soon became a status symbol amongst the Third Reich, as their loyalty and obedience, showed them beside Hitler, the Wolf.

Can you find it in your heart to rescue a dog?

Well it seems that is how Hitlers’ dog ownership started. Again, not a catchline we are likely to see on rescue charity advert’s – ‘If Hitler can rescue a dog, so can you..’ But it seems his first pet was a stray white Fox Terrier, found during World War One, called Fuchsl.

He later went on to own a succession of German Shepherds, with names like Prinz, Muckl, Blondi, Blonda and Bella.

It’s said that Hitler was so scared of his beloved Blondi being captured by the Russians, he had his personal physician put her to sleep.

So, whilst I wasn’t around to photograph Hitler and his dogs, I really am glad that somebody was, as this adds a really interesting perspective to the history of the 20th Century.

Hitler was so impressed and captivated by the intelligence of dogs, that he truly believed they could help him win the war. We’ll look at this a bit more in another blog post.


A touch of the Tibetan Terriers….

dog photographer tibetan terrier association

Venturing into the Show World of Tibetan Terriers.

On a cold dark November morning, defrosting the car at 5am wasn’t high on the list of things I love to be doing at that time of day. There was, however, an exciting day in store for me, after a 3-hour drive to Coventry.

I was about to embark on my first experience of the show scene for the Tibetan Terrier Association, with their Breed Championship Show, held at the Sports Connexion in Coventry.

During the day, I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing around 25-30 beautiful examples of the Tibetan Terrier breed, using my small pop up studio. With a range of colours and coats, the Tibetan Terrier breed provides a real challenge, with generally covered eyes, and some striking colours, getting the details and connection right with the dogs is essential.

Together with some first-class handlers, we produced a number of images for owners, to showcase their pooches in a number of ways, from beautiful framed portraits for the wall, through to images perfect for the Breed Handbook published in January 2017.

It was a long day, often noisy with the German Spitz in a neighbouring ring, but I had an amazing day all round. Dog show photography isn’t an easy gig…. you are never sure what size of trade stand space you’ll get, whether you’ll be close to power, or most importantly if you will have a busy day, but today was a roaring success

One of my image of two Tibetan Terriers, from the day, went on to win Silver in the Guild of Photographers Monthly Competition during December 2016.

dog show photography tibetan terrier

Example of our setup for Dog Show Photography at the Tibetan Terrier Breed Championship Show

dog photographer jamie morgan tibetan terrier association

Tibetan Terrier Champion Show Entrants Photographed by Jamie Morgan

dog photographer tibetan terrier association

Image from the Tibetan Terrier Association awarded Silver in the Guild of Photographers Competition.



Winning Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year