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A dog bakery, or barkery as they are commonly known is a specialist business that creates dog treats.

America’s first dog bakery opened in 1979, but they’ve only recently become popular in the United Kingdom.

Here you will find:

• Gluten free dog treats

• Dog cakes for birthdays

• Dog treats for gotcha days

• Dog cakes

• Dog treat delivery services

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We are a small family run business based in Leicestershire, in the UK.

Doggie Dividers were first created back in 2009, not long after we brought home our lovely Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Marley.

It became apparent very quickly, not having had a dog before, that we needed some form of barrier to section off areas of the house while we were out (and in!), initially, to stop those ‘little accidents’, where we didn’t want them, and then later, to stop everything we own being eaten or chewed until unrecognisable – from this, the Doggie Divider was born!

There are, of course, other room dividers available, however, we found they were mostly tall, which block out light, and can easily get in the way, or, metal mesh type dividers, which our clever canines can claw open, but the main problem with these being that they are see-through, so, from a dogs point of view, it didn’t stop the appeal to want to get to the other side.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve visited a fellow dog owners home, and noticed an array of obstacles put in place to block an entrance, or section off a room – a random piece of furniture, side-ways lying coffee table, clothes airer, unfolded cardboard box…just to name a few!

After receiving lots of comments from family, friends and visitors to our home, asking where we bought our Doggie Divider from, we decided we needed to go into production.

Doggie Dividers were originally made just in the one standard height of approx 63cm (25 inches), purely because this was a practical height for our own use. Due to several customers asking if we could make them taller, they are now available in two heights, tall being approx 1 metre (39 inches). We do not want to produce them any taller than 1 metre, as we feel this would compromise the reason they were made – dividing off a room/area without blocking out valuable light and visibility.

As Doggie Dividers are made of separate wooden panels, hinged together, they can be supplied in various widths, depending on what is needed. E.g. we use a 10 panel Doggie Divider for the large archway opening between our kitchen and living room, whereas for a doorway or stairs, it may be that only 5 or 6 panels are required.

The simple concertina design means they are easy to fold away and store when not in use, and they can even be painted to ensure they fit in with the colour decor perfectly!

All Doggie Dividers are made by hand. If you have any questions, queries or specific requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We will try to assist and give guidance wherever we can, as we want you to find Doggie Dividers as invaluable as they are for us.


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60 Bullfinch Close, Swindon SN3 5HP, UK

Paw print jewellery is a fantastic way of keeping your special friend and companion with you, wherever you go. Captured in timeless sterling silver, your treasured pet’s print can be preserved forever  – a beautiful reminder of the mark they have left on your life. I produce a range of personalised paw print jewellery, including paw print pandora style charms, necklaces, cufflinks and keyrings.

Cheeky Little Prints has so far captured paw prints from cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, a rabbit, mouse, guinea pig and even a pet tortoise! Getting your pet’s print is very simple with my easy to use, no mess, inkless paw print kit – contact me today and I will send you a kit to get you started.  Whether you want your dog’s pawprint as a cufflink, or your cat’s print as a necklace, my custom-made pawprint jewellery is the ultimate personalised gift for pet owners and animal lovers.

I also create a range of other personalised gifts including my very popular personalised paw print stamps so you can now sign birthday and Christmas cards with your pet’s own real paw print – how cool is that!  I can also create bespoke mugs for you with your pet’s unique paw print, your favourite photo and a special message.  Personalised water bottles, plaques and Christmas decorations are also available.

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