Memorial Hall, Finchampstead, UK
The Village Finchampstead England RG40 4NP GB

I am Meg, owner of Buttonlove Rottweilers.  I have had dogs in my life for some 50+ years and owned my own for over 35 of them.  I love dogs, they are my life and my passion.  My dogs are trained using positive methods, they are happy, they are loved.

I give information to owners to help them with the general care of their wards and teach foundation obedience and correct some behaviour.  All courses are structured and come with detailed comprehensive notes on all items covered in the course.

Training is open to all breeds. 

At class we will take the time to understand what we are asking of the puppy; are we giving that information over to the puppy in a calm manner that is easily understood, etc?  The puppy is praised for a positive result. No rush, No stress, No punishment, a little correction (only if required, no punishment).
By educating you, I hope to help you with your puppy, learn the very basics of obedience, how to walk on a lead, how to complete a recall, how to go down, stay down, be handled, greet people etc. Also I will offer information about feeding, further education and so on, via third party internet sites or experienced contacts in the dog world.
In short, by educating and encouraging the owner, the puppy also becomes educated and therefore easier to train for all daily aspects of life.
Experienced and Insured.