Speaking to the MPA London & Essex Region – dog photography talks london essex


Presenting to the Master Photographers Association London and Essex Region

dog photography talks london essex

The Master Photographers Association is the UK’s premier photographic association, formed in 1958. With the prime aim of educating, mentoring and qualifying professional photographers, the monthly regional meetings are a key part of the photographers’ education.

But we live in an online world.

Interestingly, it’s a comment I hear more and more often. Can’t I learn this, or that, on Youtube?

Do I really have to leave the house and sit in a room with people?

Actually, photography talks are seeing a revival and for good reason.

You can ask questions, learn more and the speaker can actually see if you are understanding the ideas, when you attend, in person.

It is always a pleasure to speak to other photographers about my work.

It’s the equivalent of being asked to cook a meal for your friends and then talk them through things. How you lovingly chose the ingredients. How you carefully planned cooking times. Then how you chose the best crockery and presented your meal to then, partnered with a fine wine.

Each month a group of photographers meets in the function room of a Brentwood pub. It’s almost a tradition now as they’ve met here for over 40 years. From young and fresh photographers to seasoned and retired professionals they file in eagerly to take a seat.

Whilst talking through my techniques, my products, and my business ideas something strikes me.

I’ve enjoyed this type of event hundreds of times. From the other side of the projector.

It’s how I learned so many of the little tips, tricks and techniques that I use today.

The circle of life. Learn, practice, improve, educate.

No matter what your profession, it is important to stay humble. Remember your roots. Then take time to give back, help others to become better too.

dog photography talks london essex