Halloween Safety for Pets

Halloween Safety for Pets

Halloween Safety for Pets

Are you turning the kids into ghosts and ghouls?

Do you have a Halloween costume ready for the dogs?

However you are celebrating Halloween this year, there are some really great things to remember this year.

Halloween can be a really fun time for all of the family including your pets if everything is planned the right way. The noises, sights, and smells can all make for a frightening night for our four-legged friends.

Dressing up for Halloween

If you are going to dress up your dog for Halloween, then think carefully about the outfits you choose. Make sure the fabrics and embellishments are safe, non-flammable and non-toxic especially if your pooch decides to chew what they are wearing. Avoid items that restrict movement, breathing, and your dogs’ vision.

If your dog doesn’t feel comfortable in a costume or becomes stressed, then don’t force it upon them.

Halloween Hazards

Take really good care to ensure that all foods that could be harmful to your pets are kept well out of reach. Ghoulish sweets and chocolate are great fun for the kids, but they pose a real hard to your pets along with sweet wrappers.

There are lots of fun toys the children have around the house, from toy pumpkins to glowsticks. They are all really great fun to get hold of and chew. Glowsticks contain dangerous chemicals if broken, so keep these safe and away from your dogs. Always keep an eye out for chew and choking hazards.

If your dogs aren’t taking part in Halloween, then be sure to give them a nice long walk well before dark. Provide them with a nice warm comfortable place to settle down and feed them nice and early.

By providing that safe refuge and distractions for the dog, like turning the TV up you can reduce the risks of the dog bolting if the door is opened.

It’s not a great idea to leave your dog alone in the garden, you never know what a trick or treater might do, and as always there’s a real threat of dog theft.

Most of all, don’t force your dog to receive any unwanted attention and do your dog a favour, leave them at home if you go out trick or treating yourself.

Halloween Safety for Pets