MPA Training Day at Epson UK

MPA Training Day at Epson UK

MPA Training Day at Epson UK

Regular training for professional photographers is really quite important.

It helps you perfect your technique. Gives you ideas to explore. But most of all it gives time for reflection and growth.

Throughout the year the Master Photographer Association hold regional and national training days for a diverse number of genres.

Today, I attended the MPA Training Day at Epson UK hosted by Chairman and CEO Ray Lowe.

Epson UK’s Hemel Hemsteds’ headquarters was the perfect venue. Close to 120 photographers from across the country, congregated for seminars by two top UK photographers. Hoss, and Panikos.

The contrast between the two speakers is amazing. Panikos comes from a highly technical background. Technical support for a camera manufacturer then franchise owner. Similarly, Hoss has been a time-served photographer, but very different approaches to photographing their subjects.

In conclusion, if you are looking for affordable top quality photographic training, then there is no better place to look than the MPA.