Small is Beautiful – Dog Models Needed!

Your Dog Model Application

Could your dog model be the face of our business in 2020?

Like all businesses, we have to constantly develop new ideas, new products, and new promotions. We love to test out new ideas, locations, and sets before releasing them to our clients and this is where you can help out as a dog model.

Creating stunning images that stand out from the crowd, is what I’m all about. Winning industry awards is also really important, as it helps us get PR locally and nationally.

Did you know winning Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year was a huge deal? To win, I had to rank from over 13,000 entrants from over 80 countries. If invited to a concept shoot, your image could be seen across the globe.

We promote our work at lots of shows and events, we are always looking for fresh new faces for our marketing materials, product samples to help us stand out from the crowd. If you have an unusual breed or look, why not send in an application to become a dog model?

Our current studio theme is Small is Beautiful. We are welcoming applications from small dog breeds in February and March.

Our dog model database, is also our first port of call for commercial photoshoots for pet-related brands, from dog foods and collars through to other pet-related products.

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