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Learning to judge at the SWPP Judging School

Learning to Judge Professional Photographic Competitions at the SWPP Judging School

Entering photographic competitions is a really valuable way for professional photographers to master their craft and to gain validation and recognition for their hard work.

Each year the Societies of Photographers host a Judging School, to educate members and prospective judges on that standards and techniques used to judge members images. The Societies hold monthly online competitions and an annual print competition at the January convention.

Hosted at Newcastle Upon Tyne based professional print laboratory, Digitalab, the day of training included a factory tour and sample prints for attendees to demonstate how paper and mount selection can affect competition submissions.

What an awesome day.

The class led by Head of Judging Terrie Jones was well worth the six hour round trip; Terries’ passion for education on judging and raising the standards across the industry ran through as a constant theme for the day.

Today’s all been about learning to judge images in a encouraging, positive and respectful way. Really insightful and builds such respect for our industry judges.

Equally amazing is the passion that goes into work by the absolutely lovely team from Digitalab, a family team that really have a passion for the quality of their products. Looking forward to some new products for the new year, and developing some of the relationships formed today.

Learning to Judge Professional Photographic Competitions

Learning to Judge Professional Photographic Competitions