Dog Photoshoot puts Worzel Wooface on the Front Page


Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to have quite a few famous people, one of my favourites, however, has been the Dog Photoshoot for Worzel Wooface.

This stunning Lurcher is a spitting image of my boy Harry, just a beautiful sandy tan colour.

Worzel Wooface is a blogger and author of three, soon to be four books, during our day together we were tasked with creating a library of images for his latest works, Worzel Wooface 4.

Throughout the dog photoshoot we created hundreds of images across four locations, which can be used to paint different stories throughout his latest book.

Finishing the day, with the jumping shot which has made the front cover.

Worzel is still an enormous Lurcher with ‘issues,’ but his issues are now predictable. Now in his fourth year with his forever family, life is changing. As the children grow up and begin to spread their wings, Worzel’s world should be more peaceful. But as life rolls on, a changing of the guard brings new challenges; challenges no-one seems ready to embrace, least of all the cats.

An over-enthusiastic encounter with a fish pond, a blackbird with a death wish, and a new arrival all conspire to ensure that whilst Worzel might be ready for an easy life, his family has other plans.

Mum, long-suffering Dad, five cats and two grown-up children all feature in Worzel’s fourth diary, bringing together poems, letters and advice that Worzel’s beginning to wonder if it’s even worth offering any more.

The eagerly-awaited fourth instalment from Worzel, the literary Lurcher is funny, touching, honest, and very real.

dog photoshoot for Worzel Wooface

Dog Photoshoot for Worzel Wooface

A touch of the Tibetan Terriers….

Venturing into the Show World of Tibetan Terriers.

On a cold dark November morning, defrosting the car at 5am wasn’t high on the list of things I love to be doing at that time of day. There was, however, an exciting day in store for me, after a 3-hour drive to Coventry.

I was about to embark on my first experience of the show scene for the Tibetan Terrier Association, with their Breed Championship Show, held at the Sports Connexion in Coventry.

During the day, I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing around 25-30 beautiful examples of the Tibetan Terrier breed, using my small pop up studio. With a range of colours and coats, the Tibetan Terrier breed provides a real challenge, with generally covered eyes, and some striking colours, getting the details and connection right with the dogs is essential.

Together with some first-class handlers, we produced a number of images for owners, to showcase their pooches in a number of ways, from beautiful framed portraits for the wall, through to images perfect for the Breed Handbook published in January 2017.

It was a long day, often noisy with the German Spitz in a neighbouring ring, but I had an amazing day all round. Dog show photography isn’t an easy gig…. you are never sure what size of trade stand space you’ll get, whether you’ll be close to power, or most importantly if you will have a busy day, but today was a roaring success

One of my image of two Tibetan Terriers, from the day, went on to win Silver in the Guild of Photographers Monthly Competition during December 2016.

dog show photography tibetan terrier

Example of our setup for Dog Show Photography at the Tibetan Terrier Breed Championship Show

dog photographer jamie morgan tibetan terrier association

Tibetan Terrier Champion Show Entrants Photographed by Jamie Morgan

dog photographer tibetan terrier association

Image from the Tibetan Terrier Association awarded Silver in the Guild of Photographers Competition.