The Lead Gen Academy

The Lead Gen Academy

Until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of the Lead Gen Academy, but after a quick conversation at a networking event I knew it was something that I needed to find out more about.

If you have ever run a business, then you will know that you need to much much more than one skill set.

Being a professional photographer means so much more than being just a professional artist.

You need excellent financial management skills, for the peaks and troughs through the year, but most of all you need to become a shameless marketeer.

One of the greatest relationships I have built this year since being back in Surrey is through business networking.

At a 4Networking event in Camberley earlier this year I bumped into a talented entrepreneur called Richard Woods.

Richard has a real talent for business, he even spent a summer with Lord Sugar in his antics on television called The Apprentice.

One of Richards great recent entrepreneurial projects is The Lead Gen Academy. The life source of all businesses is generating business leads and then converting them.

Each month Richard brings to our group in Farnborough industry knowledge and specialists to teach digital marketing lead generation techniques.

This month techniques to build professional networks and generate leads from LinkedIn was on the agenda.

If you are interested in visiting the Lead Gen Academy, then drop me an email and I will invite you along as my guest to see what it can do for your business.

The Lead Gen Academy

The Lead Gen Academy – June 2018

Biddenden TractorFest

Biddenden TractorFest

Biddenden TractorFest could quite simply be, the best show on the planet. Fact.

Heck, I might be biased. I grew up in Biddenden, and for decades the Biddenden Spectacular was an event that made local history. Then it stopped.

So when launching my dog photography business in my home area of Biddenden, the Biddenden TractorFest was a natural choice to market my business.

Biddenden is a small rural farming community in the Weald of Kent. Close to the steam train renowned town of Tenterden. Just 12 miles from Ashford and Maidstone, 17 from Tunbridge Wells. A small rural gem nestled amongst the lush greenery of Kent.

TractorFest celebrates that rural heritage in a time honoured way. Cider and wines from the world class Biddenden Vineyards.  A huge selection of tractors and steam engines. Food and drink stalls of local produce. Lots of local businesses hosting stalls. Classic cars and motorcyles to peruse.

Shire horses. Hawks. Dogs. Ducks. Sheep Racing.

Rural living at it’s very best.

We proudly displayed our stunning dog photography products. Our stand next right opposite the Dog Show and sponsored prizes for the winners of a number of categories.

Roll on 2017! Can’t wait to do it all again.