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A totally different Sunday show

A totally different Sunday Having two professional photographers in the family means there times when we are both like fish out of water. This weekend was my turn. In a small business you have to be constantly marketing, my experience from my past business was if you took your foot off the gas when you […]

Where will today take you?

Where will today take you? Business Networking It’s all about connections, whether connecting computers or connecting people, it’s all about bringing two parties together for mutual benefit. As a specialist dog photographer it’s really easy to think that there’s no one of value in the room at a business networking event, but how wrong can […]

The PATS Show 2018 – Pet Business Photography

The PATS Show 2018 – Pet Business Photography After a hectic few weeks at Crufts and The Photography Show, you’d think I’d have had my fill of exhibitions for the year. Staying ahead of the pack was the title of my recent photography talk and I’m always looking for new and creative ways to find […]

Trade Talk – The Photography Show 2018

Trade Talk – The Photography Show 2018 Most people can look to their childhood and pick out one or two people who inspired their career path, or ignited their love of a subject at school or opened their eyes to a hobby. The teacher that stood out in my childhood was a science teacher, Chris […]

Its Snow Joke

So the 10th March is my birthday, woot woot, I’ve survived another year. It is however probably the first year that I’ve ever had snow around my birthday. Now snow poses two problems to the professional photographer – cancelled sessions and dreadful hassles trying to get anywhere by car. Neither are great for being self […]