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Will this year be your year of change?


Will this year be your year of change? One of the best things about running a small business is that you can adapt and change quickly, yet being honest, its easy to get comfortable and do things the way you have always done, until you need to take drastic action. I can hold my hands […]

Burrows Lea Country Fair 21-04-2018

After movibg back to the South East from the Peak District in February, knowing which events are great, or not is really hard work. This Country Fair in Shere, Surrey just to the east of Guildford came across my radar and looked like a great place to be. The estate is a sanctuary for spiritual […]

The Tale of Camberley Kate

The Tale of Camberley Kate It was a huge leap to move back to Surrey from the Peak District earlier this year. But one of the most exciting parts is discovering the new area in which you live, the history, the special little places only the locals know, the best scenery and most of all […]

MPA Wedding Photograpy Workshop – David Stanbury

A totally different Sunday show

A totally different Sunday Having two professional photographers in the family means there times when we are both like fish out of water. This weekend was my turn. In a small business you have to be constantly marketing, my experience from my past business was if you took your foot off the gas when you […]

Where will today take you?

Where will today take you? Business Networking It’s all about connections, whether connecting computers or connecting people, it’s all about bringing two parties together for mutual benefit. As a specialist dog photographer it’s really easy to think that there’s no one of value in the room at a business networking event, but how wrong can […]