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Staffordshire Search and Rescue

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“Mein Fuhrer wants you to Photograph his Dog.

Hitler and his dog photoshoot.

“Mein Fuhrer wants you to Photograph his Dog.” If I had been around in the First World War, this could have been the type of conversation I had with a couple of SS guards early one morning. Stop for a moment and imagine the scene. Standing in front of you is a man, 5ft 9in […]

A touch of the Tibetan Terriers….

dog photographer tibetan terrier association

Venturing into the Show World of Tibetan Terriers. On a cold dark November morning, defrosting the car at 5am wasn’t high on the list of things I love to be doing at that time of day. There was, however, an exciting day in store for me, after a 3-hour drive to Coventry. I was about to […]

Winning Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year

Dog Sports for Your Dog – Part 2

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Dog Sports For Your Dog (Part 2) Back to Part One. Do you enjoy watching Purina’s Incredible Dog Challenge? Have you seen the big diving dogs? The name of the sport where the Labrador Retrievers go leaping into the pool is actually called Dock Jumping. You don’t have to have a Labrador Retriever to compete. […]

Do Dogs Have Feelings?

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Do Dogs Have Feelings? People have been wondering if dogs have emotions for thousands of years. Philosophers have debated the subject, lining up on different sides. Most of us who have dogs agree that dogs have feelings. Aristotle believed that animals were without reason but believed that they did have ‘sensations’ — they could feel […]