Trade Talk – The Photography Show 2018

Trade Talk – The Photography Show 2018

Most people can look at their childhood and pick out one or two people who inspired their career path. Someone who ignited their love of a subject at school or opened their eyes to a hobby.

The teacher that stood out in my childhood was a science teacher, Chris Foreman. A 40 something-year-old guy, with huge unfashionable glasses. But he loved his subject and that enthusiasm rubbed off.

Jamie Morgan dog photographer the photography show

I fell in love with the world of science but more importantly, Mr Foreman introduced me to a world of extracurricular activity.

By the age of 15, I’d competed in the Whatman and Pfizer Science Awards. A trio of my friends and I won the Barclays New Futures Award funding new technology for our school. This allowed us to educate children in local underfunded schools about computers.

In early January, I received a phone call asking if I’d be prepared to speak at the UK’s largest photographic trade show, The Photography Show which is held at the Birmingham NEC each year.

Jamie Morgan dog photographer the photography show

Jamie delivering his seminar on The Outdoor Stage at the Photography Show 2018

Taken aback, I agreed, as I’d been put forward for the job, by the chairman of the Master Photographers Association. Over the following weeks, I cobbled together some ideas towards an outline.

A bit like those old days with my science teacher, sometimes you have to agree and see where life takes you. If nothing else the journey will be interesting.

Whenever you speak about something you love, it sings out, and people ignore your nerves or mistakes.

Developing your own style

In my previous career, I’d been lucky to present to boardrooms of directors and engineers, logical calculated people that looked to me as a specialist.

Yet being reasonably new to an industry, I was surrounded by trade stands with my peers and mentors present. What know how could I pass on to a new generation of photographers?

jamie morgan dog photographer surrey photography show 2018

People taking their seats ready for Jamie’s talk at The Photography Show 2018

Rather than show the 150 people present how to be me, I took the group on a journey from where I found my inspiration. Through some key points on how to develop their own style, how getting to know your kit can improve your results, through how to progress through mentoring and competitions.

We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. Stephen King, 11/22/63

I moved into the Photography Industry in 2014, after being self-employed for close to 18 years. (Yes, I started my first business venture at 14.)

It’s been a real pleasure to meet hundreds of photographers over the past few years. Hundreds of images I look at with envy. There’s a handful I’ve stood back and admired, and through my work in the trade associations, I’m now lucky to call them friends.

Photographers like the eclectic Jules Hunter, sparked the artistic hunger in me again, whilst others have encouraged growth through qualification and entering national and regional awards.

Now my inspiration and encouragement can come from so many places. The world’s of which have all come about through going further, the extra mile, the extracurricular activities if you will.

I love to inspire photographers, my peers. To help them find new ways to market themselves, to find new profit pockets, or to just see their world from a different perspective.

Jamie Morgan dog photographer the photography show

Interviews ran all day on the Master Photographers Association stand at the Photography Show 2018

As Stephen King said, we don’t know who we will inspire, how or when, so if you get the opportunity to do something new, saddle up and see where life takes you.