Whippet | Dog Photoshoot


The Whippet is known by several names, the Whippet, the English Whippet and the Snap Dog. Whippets are a sighthound breed that have origins in England, where they descended from Greyhounds.

Whippets have the stature and size of a small greyhound.

The rejects of the greyhound family, Whippets were the dogs that were too small to hunt or race. They were returned to the peasants in the villages, but injured first, so the peasants could not break the forest law and hunt.

The peasant breeders allowed these dogs to breed and used them for hunting rats and catch rabbits.

Whippets have often been described as the poor mans racehorse, due to their speed and agility, being the fastest dog of their size. Speeds of Whippets can often reach 35mph.

Do you have a Whippet?

Hound Dog Photography host a number of photoshoot location days each month across the South East, bring your Whippet or Greyhound along for a dog photography session. Jamie Morgan also undertakes private commissions at locations across the UK and Internationally on request.